Deciding When to Offend the Ridiculous!

You – yes, you – are about to experience the prowess that is conservatism.

As many legislators believe, my opinion polls run the gubernatorial gamut from the East and the North to the South and the West, and not just what I am about to defend the Republicans, but to defend the ridicule.

Absolutely, the majority of the Senate could be divided along slide three  forms of government: the Republicans, the Democrats and the green lawmakers who defend environmental conspiracies. Nonetheless, Doug Brunt, the author of The Means, says, “Just when Congress just defies mayoral, Senatorial and conservative policy being defended is how the lawmakers take the brunt of Republican defeats… to me, whatever they do should they govern the defense and bring the delegates to deliberation. My aim is to empower and embrace conservative law by a landslide in 2016.”

The proof is, no matter who will win the 2016 Presidential election, my many more hopes will fade in to a landslide victory. That’s where I come in a world of more conservative free speech!

Getting back on track is a gubernatorial decision for ridiculing government.

But what if…? You decide.

Whoever is in charge of the White House depends on what Presidential hopeful I am about to elect through the eyes of a Republican pundit.

Could it be… Dr. Ben Carson?


He could be ridiculed.

But how?

Republican contact!

In the words of Christopher John Matthews: “You play hardball.”

I kid you!

To me, however, Dr. Carson must beat Jeb Bush and Hillary R. Clinton in the Republican and Democratic rallies.

I kid you!


In my upcoming book, Gitter Gun!, I will explore the conspiracies affecting all Republicans in America – and what these conspiracies mean to them.

As a conservative humorist and soon-to-be improvisational comedian and satirist, I have a conspiring influence on the House of Congress. As I race for the vote in 11 months, my secret mission is to defeat the ridiculous for the time being. To me, Republican confrontation rears more conservative and ultra conservative heads when the delegation is reconciled. Really.

And here is where conservatism is created in Washington, D.C. – on Capitol Hill.

Rest in Peace!
The late actor and attorney Fred Dalton Thompson. 

That is what every lawmaker believes in the freedom of conservative banter. ‘Cause you care enough to elect for the very best man in the Nation’s Capitol, the Republicans and Democrats who make up the House of Congress will do everything, anything and something for nothing but some one for no one but President Barack H. Obama.

Frag and apprehend public policy and defeat the next President of the U.S.

And begin defending each other’s honor.












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