The Master of Republican Punishment

Fire back at every Republican candidate vying for success on Capitol Hill.

On CNN’s defunct nightly debate series Crossfire, the liberals of the world met the Republicans of the world of power political lawmaking politics in countless rounds of decision making by running the gamut. I  was fond of how Congress played a critical role in getting the pundits from Washington, D.C. getting themselves caught in the crossfire in a gubernatorial/mayoral/Senatorial debate for as long as they worked to fight back against all Democratic enemies.

What am I about to debate these conservative and libertarian issues of the day on Crossfire was to break the controversial barriers and conspire America to delegate the issues affecting America more decisive. And, for the time being, on the Rumin8 Blog, my conspiracies concerning conservative truth must be conserved by Congress.

Crossfire was, indeed, a debate show to be reckoned with every five nights a week.

Truth now rears my more conservative head – and bears the brunt of gubernatorialism as I see it from a lawmaker’s perspective.

To me, I kid you, everyone in the Nation’s Capitol!

Hold your fire, Congressmen!
Hold your fire, Congressmen!

According to the Drudge Report, Dr. Ben Carson is ready to win the Republican election by a landslide come 12 months from now. Founder Matt Drudge – an online conservative investigative reporter getting his name from a slang term meaning “common laborer” – writes, “Dr. Carson was the embodiment of neurological surgeons in

the best interest of all human beings performing surgery on their brains over the years and has emerged as the next President of the United States of America by defeating Congressional duties in the coming years ahead.”

Rest in Peace!
Fred Dalton Thompson was the most powerful attorney in Washington, D.C. during the Richard M. Nixon administration in the 1970’s.

As Drudge puts it in writing, he says, “Whenever Congress is defeating more controversial issues in the years to come out of Capitol Hill is the priority that remains to be seen and heard in the West Wing and beyond.”

Douglas Brunt, author of The Means, is said to take the brunt of Congress as he recalls, “It’s tough to be conservative in Washington because Barack Obama is intent on neo-conservative obstruction and the powers of Republican observations hovering around the Nation’s Capitol.”


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